Vera Green

Professional Profile

I am an independent contractor with a broad range of direct GIS and leadership experience across several industries, including environmental monitoring, oil & gas, forestry, and emergency management. My specialties include project management, strategic planning, full stack system architecture design, deployment and administration in support of web based enterprise GIS systems, web interface and dashboard development, custom tool development, GIS modeling and automation, data re-structuring and data migration within relational databases.

My programming experience combined with my extensive knowledge of GIS, remote sensing, analytical methods, spatial data, and spatially enabled relational databases have enabled me to successfully create custom GIS solutions for past clients. Regardless of where your organization is today, my skills can assist you in empowering your future.

I specialize in building open source enterprise GIS systems

Pertaining more broadly to full stack GIS system development and management, I have focused on open source tools such as PostgreSQL, PostGIS, pgRouting, GeoServer, Leaflet and NodeJS. My enthusiasm regarding open source technologies is driving my current career aspirations in the areas of web based GIS systems and data sciences.

Often GIS data must be combined with effective data discovery tools such as automated reports or dashboards to maximize value. During my career I have delved not only into GIS analysis but also areas of data sciences including statistics, predictive analytics, and data mining.

Whether your organization is executing an existing plan or developing a new one, my background can assist you in achieving your strategic objectives. My deliverables include specialized solutions that will provide concrete support to your business. I would welcome the opportunity to join your team on a short or long term basis.


Bachelors of Science in Geography 2001 - 2004
University of Northern British Columbia
Post-Bachelor Certificate in GIS 2012 - 2013
Penn State University
Masters in GIS 2013 - 2017
Penn State University

Workshops and Masters Level Courses

GIS Database Development 2012
GIS Programming and Customization 2012
Geodesign 2013
Geospatial System Analysis and Design 2014
GIS Application Development 2014
Geospatial Technology Project Management 2015
Cloud and Server GIS 2015

RECENT Work Experience

Director GIS & Development 2018 - Current
Development Team Lead Environmental Consulting 2018 - Current
The Lorrnel Group
GIS Specialist/Developer Upstream Oil and Gas 2016 – 2018
Cenovus Energy
GIS Specialist Pipeline Engineering Sector 2016 – 2019
Connect Engineering
GIS Lead/GIS Analyst Pipeline Engineering Sector 2014 – 2016
Universal Pegasus International
Geomatics Analyst Fire Sciences – Emergency Response 2008 - 2013
Government of the Northwest Territories, Forest Management Division

What is Open Source?

"The term open source refers to something people can modify and share because its design is publicly accessible. The term originated in the context of software development to designate a specific approach to creating computer programs. Today, however, "open source" designates a broader set of values—what we call "the open source way." Open source projects, products, or initiatives embrace and celebrate principles of open exchange, collaborative participation, rapid prototyping, transparency, meritocracy, and community-oriented development."

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What is Agile Software Development?


Agile is the ability to create and respond to change. It is a way of dealing with, and ultimately succeeding in, an uncertain and turbulent environment."

"Agile Software Development

Agile software development is an umbrella term for a set of frameworks and practices based on the values and principles expressed in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and the 12 Principles 12 Principles behind it."

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